Past Events

MOI Greeting 2018

Celebration of World Oceans Day 2018

Marine Science for Management (MASMA) Funded Project “Emerging Knowledge for Local Adaptation – Modifying the Symbiosis of Knowledge and Governance for the Adaptation of Western Indian Ocean Coastal Communities at Risk from Global Change”

Celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Independence of Mauritius

Scientific Visit of Dr Manuela Capello- researcher at IRD (Institut de Recherche pour le Dveloppement)

Registration of participants under the Coral Farming training Programme

Australia-Mauritius Research and Innovation Forum 2018

Scientific visit - Dr. G. Rumpker Goethe-University, Frankfurt

Blue Economy Seychelles Delegation Visit to MOI

MOI Staff Welfare Team-Building

Inventory of marine molluscs in near-shore waters of Mauritius

Visit of researchers from ZMT Leibneiz Center for Tropical Marine Research, Germany

Celebration of World Oceans Day 2017 at the MOI

Inauguration of MOI on the 8th June 2017

MOI in Business Magazine Issue No 1278

Independence Day Celebration 2017

Deep Dive Session on Marine Spatial Planning Workshop

The Mascarene region: tales of mid-ocean ridges, oceanic basins, a hotspot, and islands

MESA Regional Training Workshop on "Communicating Scientific Information to Policy Makers"

DNA Barcoding of Corals

Celebration of the World Oceans Day on 8th June at the Mauritius Oceanography Institute

Marine Invasive Species – Survey Scoping and Planning 25-27 May 2016

Presentation at Dr Maurice Cure on Careers in Oceanography

Independence Day Celebration

Indian Ocean Principal's Meeting, New- Delhi, November 8-9, 2001

First conference of the Indian Ocean Global Ocean Observing System (IOGOOS), Mauritius, 4-9 November 2002

National Ocean Science Forum 2003, 18 - 19 July, Rduit

National Ocean Science Forum 2004, 18 - 19 August, Octave Wiehe Auditorium, Rduit