Visit of Jon Sanders Plastic Documentary Project at MOI

Micro-plastics are a major problem in our seas.  Somewhere between 8 and 15 million tons of plastic rubbish flows into our oceans every year and have accumulated in marine environments.  Some wash up on beaches, some gather into great swirling masses in the middle of the ocean called gyres, but most break down into tiny pieces that are smaller than a grain of rice.  Micro-plastics are being ingested by a wide range of creatures beginning with phyto-plankton and then into the marine food chain.  This plastic will stay in the ocean for 1000 years or more and the effect on the world’s eco-system has reached crisis point.  


In view of raising awareness about the problem of micro and macro plastic pollution and collect crucial scientific data, Mr. Will Faulkner, a documentary filmmaker from Perth, Australia along with Mr. Jon Sanders, AO OBE, the greatest solo-circumnavigator in history visited the MOI on Tuesday 3rd December 2019 for an interview with the Director and staff of MOI for a documentary entitled “Lone Sailor”.