The Mauritius Oceanography Institute Act (2000) defines the objectives and functions of the Institute.


  • To foster interest in research and development in relation to oceanography
  • To advise Government on the formulation and implementation of policies and programs in respect of oceanography and related aspects
  • To co-ordinate, collaborate and co-operate with other institutions, agencies and persons on national, regional and global issues within its fields of interest, and to assist any organisation, body or person in creating sustainable research and development programmes in those areas of interest and activity related to oceanography
  • To demonstrate and communicate to the scientific community and the public at large the results of research and the importance of oceanography in the conservation, maintenance, management, utilisation and development of resources based on marine and coastal ecosystems
  • To manage and optimise the use of funds and other resources for the purposes of this Act



  • To initiate, encourage, launch, facilitate, support, undertake, participate in, rationalise and co-ordinate research and development in relation to oceanography having regard to the national, regional and international interests of Mauritius, its needs and priorities
  • To arrange for carrying out of such research and development
  • To provide any other institution, body or person with facilities for carrying out such research and development
  • To maximise opportunities and arrangements for such research and development on a collaborative basis
  • To encourage and facilitate the application and use of the results of such research and development
  • To prepare, fund, implement and periodically update and monitor programmes relating to the sustainable development of marine resources
  • To collect, co-ordinate, store and disseminate information relating to oceanography and to publish reports and other material relating to oceanography
  • To identify training needs in the field of oceanography
  • To make available to other institutions, bodies or persons on such terms and conditions as it thinks fit knowledge, expertise, equipment or facilities of the Institute
  • To do anything incidental or conducive to the performance of any of its functions under this section