Policy Statement

Vision and Mission Statement

The Mauritius Oceanography Institute (MOI) was established under the Mauritius Oceanography Institute Act (Act No. 24 of 1999).

The objectives of the Mauritius Oceanography Institute, as spelt out in the Act, are:

  • to foster interest in research and development in relation to oceanography,
  • to advise Government on the formulation and implementation of policies and programs in respect to oceanography and related aspects,
  • to coordinate, collaborate and co-operate with other institutions, agencies and persons on national, regional and global issues within its field of interest, and to assist any organisation, body or person in creating sustainable research and development programs in areas of interest and activity related to oceanography,
  • to demonstrate and communicate to the scientific community and the public at large the results and the importance of oceanography in the conservation, maintenance, management, utilisation and development of resources based on marine and coastal ecosystems,
  • to manage and optimise the use of funds and other resources for the purpose of this Act.



To become the centre of excellence in Oceanography in the Indian Ocean region by contributing towards the advancement of oceanography at the national, regional and international level for the welfare of the people of the Republic of Mauritius.


To develop and strengthen oceanographic research, using an integrated scientific approach, to enhance understanding of ocean and coastal processes, for rational development of marine resources, within the maritime zone of the Republic of Mauritius.