Semester at Sea Student Visit at the MOI

Semester at Sea (SAS) is a multi country study–abroad program emphasizing global comparative study founded in 1963, now managed by the Institute for Shipboard Education in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. Colorado State University is the current academic sponsor for the program while the program itself is run on the cruise ship MV World Odyssey.  During the cruise ship call in Mauritius students are brought to experience and discover the social, cultural, economic, artistic , ecological and environmental facets of the destination.  

In that context, some 60 international students visited the research facilities of the MOI on  Monday 11th March 2019 with Ms. Sara Karen Arlin, Director of Academic Programs, Institute for Shipboard Education as part of the “Tropical Sustainability: Coral Reefs & Marine Ecosystems” Programme.  As part of the visit, the accent was on the various research projects undertaken at the MOI for the sustainable development of the ocean economy in line with Government’s Vision 2030.