About the GMES & Africa Programme

The Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) & Africa is an initiative contributing to the Earth Observation (EO) domain of the African Outer Space Flagship programme.  It builds on the existing projects in the continent (PUMA, AMESD and MESA) that have generated intellectual and infrastructural capacities in use of EO applications to enhance decision making in environmental management, through provision of evidence-based information. 

GMES and Africa Support Programme is a 30 million Euro joint programme co-financed by the European Commission and the African Union Commission which uses and adapts the Copernicus Programme data and services to the African context.

The programme is focusing on improving African capacities in addressing the growing climatic and socio-economic strains on her natural resources and impacting on the livelihoods of the population through the use of EO and in-situ information.  The programme enables countries and regions to implement the 2050 Africa Integrated Maritime Strategy as well as the African Charter on Maritime Security and Safety.