Port Mathurin Biological Baseline Survey

In an effort to address the risk posed by the discharge of ballast water, a Port Biological Baseline Survey (PBBS) of Port Mathurin is currently being carried out by scientists and technical staff of the MOI as well as the Shipping Division under the Ballast Water Management Project of the Shipping Division of the Ministry of Ocean Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries and Shipping.

The focus of the survey is on the identification, distribution and abundance of Non-Indigenous Species (NIS), some of which may be ecologically damaging so as to provide an inventory of the natural populations, including a catalogue of existing introduced species. This will eventually contribute to the development of Ballast Water Management strategies and measures for Port Mathurin.

The PBBS is being held over a period of 7 days from the 4th to 11th February 2018.