MOI Departments


Biological Oceanography Unit

Vision: Set-up of a full-fledged and fully equipped unit for marine biological research

Mission: To undertake biological research and development for the sustainable management of resources in support of the ocean economy of the Republic of Mauritius

Functions & Responsibilities:

1. To undertake research geared towards:

2. Exploration and sustainable exploitation and management of our marine living resources.

3. Understanding marine organisms’ functions and their interactions between and within complex ecosystems.

4. Understanding climate change impacts on the local environment for development of mitigation and adaptation strategies.


Marine Biotechnology Unit

Vision: Contribution towards addressing key societal challenges and supporting the development of an ocean economy.

Mission: To conduct and promote research in marine biotechnology through sustainable use of marine resources for societal and environmental benefits.

Functions & Responsibilities:

1. To conduct marine-related fundamental and applied research.

2. To generate knowledge that will further the development of marine biotechnology sector.

3. To identify opportunities for collaborative projects locally and internationally.

4. To disseminate the results and findings through technical reports, scientific publications and public awareness initiatives.

5. To promote continuous intellectual capacity building in the field of marine biotechnology and oceanography.


Chemical Oceanography Unit

Vision: To become a comprehensive department and a national leader in the utilization of fundamental and applied marine chemistry research for the sustainable development of the ocean economy.

Mission: To enhance knowledge of the marine environment by providing undisputed baseline data related to the field of chemical oceanography, consequently contributing to the social and economic development of Mauritius.

 Functions & Responsibilities:

1. To undertake research in the context of chemical oceanography focusing on interests and priorities of Mauritius.

2. To process data and disseminate information relating to chemical oceanography.

3. To provide long term patterns in trends and changes of ocean chemistry.

4. To understand and monitor the biogeochemical processes which govern the functioning of the marine environment and ecosystems, including the coastal zone and the ocean-atmosphere interaction.


Marine Geosciences Unit

Vision: The geological processes, from coast to deep ocean, understood through intelligent observation, sound data and open sharing of information for the benefit of society and the environment. Mission: We combine advanced science with state-of-the-art technology through international and strategic partnerships to achieve lasting results in Earth sciences research, dissemination of knowledge locally and internationally, and to support the Republic of Mauritius in the long-term development of the ocean economy.

Functions & Responsibilities:

1. To seek scientific knowledge of the Earth from coast to deep ocean

2. To develop high quality research in Earth sciences

3. To foster scientific collaborations in marine geosciences

4. To communicate scientific understandings of the Earth geological processes

To support the Government of Mauritius in the sustainable development of the Ocean Economy through sound scientific knowledge, data and understanding of the Earth sciences


Physical Oceanography Unit

Vision: Physical oceanography shaping the daily livelihood

Mission: To undertake physical oceanographic research and development for sustainable ocean development in waters of the Republic of Mauritius

Functions & Responsibilities:

1. Gear towards an operational physical oceanographic and remote sensing with GIS

2. Develop an oceanographic database

3. Ocean hazard management forecasting

4. Ocean data management

5. Develop ocean services for the government and public

6. Advise on ocean hazard mitigation and adaptation