Regional Training Workshop on “Coastline Mapping using Satellite Imagery” at MOI Albion, Mauritius (17th to 21st April 2017)

The Mauritius Oceanography Institute organised a regional training works...

IOC MESA TA mission to Comoros and Madagascar March 2017

Dr Francois Wernerus, the MESA TA Expert for the Indian Ocean Commission...


The Mauritius Oceanography Institute (MOI) has been entrusted by the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) to be the Regional Implementation Centre for the IOC thematic action on “Marine and Coastal Management”. The overall objective of the IOC THEMA is to increase the decision-making and planning capacity of institutions mandated for marine and coastal management in IOC member states and in neighbouring countries of the Mozambique Canal, by enhancing access to and exploitation of relevant Earth Observation applications.

The MOI will deliver the following information Services:

(1) Marine Resources Management
Under this service, charts for the detection of Potential Fishing Zones will be generated coupled with additional oceanographic data such current patterns. The service will build-up on what has been initially developed under the African Monitoring of the Environment for Sustainable Development (AMESD) programme to produce enhanced bulletins for the monitoring of both biological and physical oceanography parameters  on a monthly basis.

(2) Monitoring of Coastal Environment
This service is about monitoring the coastal environment of the island states of the Indian Ocean Commission, so as to address the issues related to coastal erosion. The idea is to acquire operational marine information with the deployment of wave data buoys in selected areas to allow monitoring, evaluation, prevision and mitigation of the oceanographic risks such as sea level rise, swells and storm surges that may lead to coastal hazards. Also a vulnerability assessment of the coastlines of the IOC countries (Mauritius, Comoros, Madagascar and Seychelles) will be initiated using historical and archived data. The maps produced will indicate the level of vulnerability as well as the type of vulnerability. Through the use of a coastal vulnerability index, sites more susceptible to erosion will be identified within each country for monitoring purposes.

The MESA-IOC theme is being implemented on a regional basis and to date focal institutions and persons have been identified. The MOI will provide information services to Mauritius and to countries in the region namely Madagascar, Comoros, Seychelles, Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique through their respective national focal institutions.

Project funded by the European Union
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