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Moothien Pillay R, H.Terashima, A.Venkatasami and H.Uchida (2002): Field Guide to Corals of Mauritius. ISBN:99903-964-2-6

Research Papers

Biological Oceanography

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Chemical Oceanography

Beedessee, G., Ramanjooloo, A., & Marie, DEP 2015, ‘Ten years of marine natural products in Mauritius: Progress and challenges’ Marine Chemistry, Vol. 170, pp 23.
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Physical and Geophysical Oceanography

Link, F., G. Rümpker, A. Kaviani, and M. Singh (2016), Simultaneous inversion for anisotropic and structural crustal properties by stacking of radial and transverse receiver functions, In EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, vol. 18, p. 13091.
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Dyment J., Bissessur D. and Deplus C., 2013 - Mauritius like nobody has seen it before - A new bathymetric view of Mauritius Island - 02 December 2013, RHUM-RUM Cruise 2013, http://www.rhum-rum.net/en/
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