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The Board


The Mauritius Oceanography Institute is managed by a Board, consisting of a Chairperson appointed by the Minister and senior representatives of different ministries and institutions. Sections 8 to 10 of the MOI Act of 1999 lay down the overall responsibility of the Board.

The present composition of the Board is as follows:

(a)   Chairman of the MOI Board:

  • Mr. Raj Hemansing Prayag, PDSM
(b)   A representative of Ministry of Ocean Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries, Shipping and Outer Islands:
  • Mr. N. Soobratty, Deputy Permanent Secretary
(c)   A representative of Ministry of Finance and Economic Development:
  • Mr. A. K. Kokil, Director
(d)   A representative of Ministry of Environment, Sustainable Development, Disaster and Beach Management:
  • Mr. S. Mooloo, Deputy Director of Environment
(e)   A representative of Ministry of Housing and Lands:
  • Mr. Harish Rajcoomar, Deputy Chief Surveyor (Hydrographic Unit)
(f)   A representative of Outer Islands Development Corporation:
  • Mr. J. D. P. Labonne, Officer-in-Charge
(g)   A representative of Mauritius Research Council:
  • Dr. A. Suddhoo, Executive Director
(h)   A representative of Mauritius Meteorological Services:
  • Mr. Rajan Mungra, Director
(i)   A representative of Mauritius Port Authority:
  • Captain L. B. Barbeau, Port Master
(j)   A representative of University of Mauritius:
  • Professor Anwar Hussein Subratty, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academia)
(k)   Representatives of Prime Minister’s Office:
  • Mr. O. K. Dabidin, Permanent Secretary
  • Mr. D. Gopaul, Deputy Permanent Secretary - (Rodrigues Division)
(l)   Members appointed by the Minister:
  • Professor S. Bhoojedhur
  • Mr. Atmanun Venkatasami
  • Mr. Munesh Munbodh
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